This is why Morning Walk at Prinsep Ghat is a Must!

Hello there, thanks for stopping by! Finally, with a lot of excitement, here I am, writing my first blog. I am going to share a few scenes that I witnessed while taking a serene walk at Prinsep Ghat, Kolkata. Prinsep Ghat is located along the banks of river Ganges and is one of the most refreshing spots of Kolkata.


Whenever you visit this place, you’ll always find people of all the age groups chatting, relaxing and most of them exercising. Having been there a couple of times before and asking my friends to take pictures of me, this time I thought of shutting down that narcissism and capturing the beauty that lies right in front of me. Let’s get started with this?!

1. The Morning Routine!

As you find a diverse set of people here, their priorities towards life are also different. I saw some majhis (sailors) starting their day by taking a solo ride with their boats while singing “Ekla Cholo Rey” in the background. Others starting it by personal care like brushing, exercising or cleaning their boats. Some also spend a little quality time smoking cigarettes (and self-introspecting, I guess).

Where do you fit in these routines?

2. The Source of Happiness!

The most crowded place you’ll find is in front of the tea stall. The guy is so content with his job, I think this is what’s going on his mind, “No greater joy than serving the first cup of happiness to hundreds of people every morning”. And how about some Parle-G with it?


3. The Twinning Stars!

You’ll find lots of local communities gathered for some activities like meditations, prayers etc. As the month of Sawan had started, I found a group of people going to Taraknath Temple to pray to Lord Shiva. Luckily, one of them knew Hindi so I could talk to her and ask about it. I took pictures of a couple of them because here’s what she said to me at the end-  “Hey, now that you’re here, can you take a good picture of us, we’re twinning today”.

4. Building Friendship!

Although people mostly come and visit in groups, you’ll always find some people coming solo and bonding over with other people or sometimes with animals, wherever you find solace, right?


“The best conversations happen while waiting for your cup of tea”

5. The Posers Maybe?

You can also have interesting conversations with people around. Here’s what I can share:

-Dada, can I take a picture here?

-Sure! Are you going to take us as well?

– Yes, why not!

*After a pause*

-Can we pose while you’re at it?


6. The Rising Star!

Here’s another conversation with Prayog who was actively helping his dad with the food stall.

-Didi, I’ll go and jump on to the boat. Take a good shot of me while jumping?

-No, don’t jump! Just act like you’re jumping, I’ll take a good shot!*

*Failed Attempt*


7. The Thirsty Crow no more!

People also enjoy a good amount of family time while walking. But this little champ is unhappy about something. I guess here’s what he’s thinking, “Same ‘The Thirsty Crow’ story every day.. Baba, I am bored of it now!”


These pictures are covering mostly everything that I observed on my visit to Prinsep Ghat. I’ll be going back to complete my college assignments now, hoping to come back real soon after dealing with the deadlines.

Until then, take care and keep on making progress!

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