If My Words Could Materialize

if my words could materializei would write,i would write loveand you would gently fall for me,i would say sleepand you would dream, dream of me,should i write lips next?would a smile start to play on your lips then?what about music? if i write music,would you listen to Sinatra from my sleepless nights?if i write unlove,Continue reading “If My Words Could Materialize”


the mountains, my confidantei sit amidst trees and ponder,the wind, the river, the farmstired chatters with the inanimate pieces,a swift interruption, a stranger in brown hatholding a cigar, grey wisdom visible,mid-forties, I presumed,“what brings you here”, I asked courteously“i often visit to celebrate life”, she whisperedwalking towards her spot as she sat near a tree“what’sContinue reading “Visitor”